Our previous partnership series article looked at how our exchange partners can dramatically improve their order book depth and tighten spreads, resulting in an improved trading experience for their users. This time, we put the spotlight on Hoo.com, one of our longstanding partners that has been using WOO Network’s liquidity solution for more than a year.

Origins of Hoo.com: Beginnings, obstacles, and challenges

To even stand…

Themes, statistics, and analysis from the second quarter of 2021, plus a look ahead at future development for WOO X and other products

June was another busy month for Wootrade, seeing more partnerships with leading projects and platforms, the release of the WOO X Open Beta, and the launch of our official Discord.

Business Development

The WOO Token

HotBit offers users a large variety of assets on their popular exchange. Wootrade will be ready to support them by giving access to their deep liquidity pools.

Find out about the staking benefits, rewards, and referrals happening this summer on WOO X Open Beta

What’s new in WOO X Open Beta?

  • WOO staking will switch from fixed rewards to variable rewards based on minimizing supply inflation (~1%).
  • API users will be able to stake WOO to achieve fee discounts or zero fees
  • Challenges will give stakers a chance to increase their yield
  • WOO stakers will be able to refer users and earn commission

What is staking?

Wootrade and the WOO token have made some waves recently. This newfound attention means that there is more focus on the token, both from people looking into WOO and from bad actors who wish to separate you from your hard-earned tokens.

Beware of scams and keep your WOO safe!
  1. Never give out your private key — the private key gives full access to your wallet, WOO admins and customer support won’t ever ask for your private key.
  2. Only you (or a trusted other) should know about your private key.
  3. Keep your private key safe — preferably write it down and store it in a safe place.
  4. Never give out your username and password — WOO admins and customer support won’t ever ask for your password or…

First things first, can I still use WOO X without KYC?

Both 1inch and Wootrade are committed to creating the most innovative and efficient trading environment for users across DeFi and CeFi.

So why are we talking about it?

A look into how Wootrade works with exchanges to provide deeper liquidity and full order book support at the lowest cost, yet still generate revenue at the same time.

This is the last call for the WOO X Beta registrations and an announcement about referrals — the only way to get on the platform before the official launch!


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