Wootrade will provide liquidity support for both the ALGO token and assets on the Algorand mainnet

ALGO/USDT is now live on the Wootrade network

Driven by the goal to create the deepest liquidity network, Wootrade is working to bridge ties to the Algorand ecosystem and community. As a first step, Wootrade will list ALGO on the Wootrade network, enhancing the liquidity for traders on WOO X and more than 15 other exchanges, institutions, and trading platforms.

Algorand is the only blockchain protocol other than Ethereum to have support for both USDT and USDC. …

A look at the different systems, controls, and tools that Wootrade uses to defend assets on the network

Security in the digital asset space is too big to ignore. Many people list security as one of the reasons they are hesitant to fully enter the space, a concern that isn’t lost on Wootrade. The goal is to let users feel empowered by the Wootrade line of products and use them in a worry-free manner.

Protecting the WOO token with multisig storage

The Wootrade team has withheld a large number of tokens that will be used to drive adoption in the ecosystem. In order to prevent these tokens from having a single source of failure, they’ve recently been moved to a Gnosis Safe Multisig wallet. Gnosis…

The first community content contest has ended with Wootrader’s creating, writing, translating, tweeting, and even singing all over social media. Thank you and well done to all those who entered!

The first community content contest ended. Time to reward the winners!

This month, we received multiple Twitter threads, new videos on Youtube, comprehensive articles in multiple languages, creative graphics, and mountains of cool memes.

All the submissions were carefully reviewed by the Wootrade team based on the accuracy of the information, level of research, quality of delivery, creativity, and effort. Congrats to the winners!

Q1 of 2021 witnessed a major transition in terms of growth on both the product side as well as the community. To provide more transparency to our community and investors, Wootrade has prepared the second quarterly report, sharing insights on the different areas of development

  • $49m in average daily volume, up 337% from Q4 2020
  • Daily high of $111m, up from $73 million in Q4
  • 5 DeFi swaps added on BSC with a daily high of over $20 million
  • 6.6m WOO tokens bought back and burned

*All statistics in this report are accurate as of April 8, 2021.

The WOO Token

Quick token insights:

  • The circulating supply is now 408,196,106 of a total 2,993,908,889. With a roughly $340m market cap, the WOO token is now ranked around #180 on Coingecko.
  • Q1 saw unique addresses on Ethereum increase from 787 to over 4000.
  • The bulk of WOO is still…

An updated explanation of Wootrade’s zero-fee model and how it can align the goals of traders, platforms, and regular users on WOO X.

WOO X has been making a lot of headlines with its zero-fee model. Unlike other platforms, Wootrade is able to optimize revenue streams on the back end, allowing the platform to earn revenue but still offer users a feeless trading experience. Not surprisingly, we get tons of questions from the community about this, so we thought we’d break it down here.

How do zero-fee platforms work?

In the traditional finance world, people use online brokers to trade stocks. Two of the most user-friendly brokers are WeBull and Robinhood, both of which also offer zero commissions on trading. One way to monetize this model is by…

First testers got their hands on WOO X Beta, Wootrade launched WOO Ventures, and WooFi started supplying DeFi with centralized liquidity on BSC.

The WOO token

Let’s start this edition with some token-related topics. The second WOO buyback and burn event was completed with 817,564 tokens sent to the burn address in a single transaction on March 10. Check out the burn transaction ID to see for yourself: 0x0695b1814e92ed9402517c1d19b5eb9976c3cb26dcabc3f0ce6fad70bf6bab20

Also during the month, the Zealous Rhinos staking address for institutional clients got a deposit of 870k WOO.

Wootrade also introduced WOO Ventures — a strategic investment program that will support emerging blockchain startups and share the income with WOO token holders. …

Benefits to be distributed partially among WOO token holders, sharing the value throughout the ecosystem

DeFi was made to be composable — many different protocols and assets can work together to make a more functional and lucrative financial system. There are countless new startups popping up in the space, and some of them will provide a lot of value if given the resources to expand.

What is WOO Ventures?

WOO Ventures was set up to identify early-stage projects that, as they mature, can provide value to Wootrade, the WOO token, and the blockchain space in general. In 2020, the first WOO Ventures investment was made in DODO, a decentralized exchange and aggregator that is now one of the leading…

The zero-fee trading platform for active traders is preparing for launch. Here’s everything you need to know, and a little more.

Let’s start with the basics. What’s WOO X?

WOO X is our professional trading GUI. The goal of WOO X is to let traders access all that liquidity aggregated on the Wootrade network, while also giving institutional clients a portal to manage their accounts.

Wootrade commits to joining SushiSwap’s Mirin protocol for on-chain SubPools, and the WOO token will join the Onsen menu giving LPs even more rewards

Wootrade and SushiSwap will be working to improve the state of on-chain liquidity and trade execution through the use of SushiSwap’s upcoming Mirin proposal and SubPools. SubPools are a new innovation that allows third-parties, such as exchanges, to provide yield-bearing pools to their users with unique fee structures, reward schedules, and governance parameters. The Mirin proposal was introduced in early January, and after passing, will be implemented later in 2021. Wootrade will be among the first adopters, giving Wootrade users more ways to put their assets to work, while benefiting the greater DeFi ecosystem and SushiSwap in general.

Why are we doing this? A few reasons:

  • SushiSwap is…

Part one of Wootrade’s DeFi Manifesto explains how Wootrade is leveraging its leading liquidity and top market makers to provide better trade execution in the DeFi space

The Challenge: Widening the Gateway

In 2019, Wootrade was founded and incubated by Kronos Research, one of the powerhouses in the CeFi trading scene. The vision was to connect exchanges, institutional traders, and OTC desks with a zero-fee liquidity network, based on the idea that aggregation and expertise would make everything more efficient. This quickly gained traction, and in 2020, Wootrade completed a successful seed round, led by some of the top VCs in the blockchain space. Later that year, the WOO token launched, giving retail investors a chance to collect a portion of the value being transacted through the network.

However, it was around…


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